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Truly Alternative Investing

The short version: Peak Alternative Investments is a boutique absolute return specialist based in Stockholm. We deliver value through deep research, adaptability and independent thinking. Our mission is to partner with institutional investors and wealth managers to help deliver on their mandates throughout the market cycle.

Adding Stability to Investment Portfolios

Increased Sharpe*

Peak Alternative Investments was founded on the idea that the whims of financial markets should not dictate the outcome for investors aiming to preserve and grow their wealth. We believe that stable returns and reduced drawdowns provide valuable financial flexibility as well as lower risk of bad decision making in times of market stress.

In reality, most investors’ portfolios are less diversified than they appear. Although investors allocate almost half of their capital to asset classes other than equities, those asset classes tend to be relatively less volatile. Consequently, overall portfolio risk is predominantly driven by just one source: equity markets. The result is that good and bad equity market performance determines good and bad portfolio performance.

Reduced drawdowns**

By definition, returns of alternative funds should be uncorrelated to traditional equity returns. For example – equity market neutral strategies are designed to make money when long positions outperform short positions, regardless of overall market direction. Thus, their returns are expected to improve a portfolio’s expected returns, reduce its volatility, or both.

Performance through Process

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Think different
Identify opportunity
Limit losses
Be efficient
Identity inefficiency or mispricing
The markets are usually efficient. This is why investment strategies crowded with big money tend to stop working. As a specialist manager we look for ideas that are outside the box.
Strategy development
Once we have identified a persistent market anomaly, we design the strategy framework and test our hypothesis using historical datasets and real time information.
Hedge or manage risks
We identify the residual risks associated with each strategy and develop methods to hedge or manage unwanted market, industry or factor exposures.
Real world implementation
We do not waste alpha on high transaction costs or poor execution. We identify the optimal implementation of each strategy and trade with top tier counterparts.
A multi-strategy approach
No single strategy works all the time and even the best trade ideas can fail. This is why we believe that a multi-strategy approach is the only way to achieve stable returns throughout the market cycle.

Our Team

Over a hundred years of combined experience in financial markets.

Per Djerf

Portfolio Manager

Anders Ekberg

Portfolio Manager

Johan Rydheim

Investor Relations

Kjell Bjurefeldt

Finance & Risk

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